The male member is not only a bodily part honoured through art and literature - it's got some pretty cool tricks up its sleeve too

Most of you probably think you know your penis quite well enough, but there are six super facts about the old chap that we bet you've never heard - and they're pretty special.

It SMILES when you're making love

The French - they have the language of love covered, now they're trying to work out the science. Researchers there discovered that the shape of your little major changes when you're having sex in the missionary position.


The penis - including the part of the shaft that's in your body - basically forms a smile-shaped curve.

It doesn't FEAR beheading

This may make your toes curl, but a penectomy is a surgical procedure that involves all or part of the penis being removed, sometimes happening in penis cancer treatments.

The good news is that the old lance of love can still have sexual intercourse, urinate, and even ejaculate even after the head has been removed - so says a scientific study in Brazil.

So don't fear decapitation! Fear invagination - it being turned inside-out, broken penis - swelling and risk of deformity or loss of sexual function due to bending during erections, or even saxophone penis - the result of a blocked lymph node or a bacterial infection related to chlamydia leaving the penis swollen and twisted.

It makes way for YOU

The penis is shaped to remove semen deposits that may have previously been there . Oh, evolutionary science. What a gem you are. The shape of your little buddy - specifically the ridge at the base of the head - has been created to oust the semen of any competitors, according to research from the State University of New York, Albany.

The movement during intercourse helps it to clear any deposits from previous expeditionary foes there may have been.

So now you know.

It can THINK for you

OK, so thinking with your male member may not be a new accusation, but the truth is that men whose non-erect manhood hangs to the left - the majority, if you're interested - could be left-brain dominant.

Research from the journal Human Reproduction allies that with right-handedness, a larger right foot than left, and other asymmetrical body parts. The left brain also plays an important role in speaking, logic, and numbers. The right brain tends to govern spatial and visual information and pulling context out of a person’s words and tone.

It CAN ejaculate while still limp

Bet that one surprised you. Although we usually understand that a penis must be hard to expel semen, a study from California’s Oakland Medical Centre says that's an erroneous supposition - or just plain wrong. Here's the science: ejaculation happens when the pelvic muscles contract - but those are muscles which just aren't associated with the mechanism that makes a penis erect.

Hence ejaculation from a limp little major. It's unusual, but it can happen.

It's possible for it to eject semen up to 8 FEET

Who doesn't want to try this one out?

A study conducted years ago at the University of Indiana by the famous sex researcher Alfred Kinsey - played by Liam Neeson in the 2004 film Kinsey - found that to be a maximum distance back in the 1950s.

There's not much recent data on the topic, but a more up-to-date study from Weill Cornell Medical College discovered that the strength of force with which the gent ejaculates is directly linked to how satisfied he is about his orgasm.

So, eight feet, eh?