Safaricom launches revamped mobile app

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By Sara Okuoro - Sponsored Content | Dec 14, 2020

E-commerce has taken shape in Kenya with the COVID-19 pandemic cementing the shift to online business. Those who had online businesses have also taken the chance to restructure their platforms to better serve their customers. As such, cash transactions have also been overtaken by virtual transfers through mobile apps and swiping of cards.

Mobile money has become king in this era and people have grown comfortable with completing all their daily financial transactions through their phones from banking large sums of money to purchasing of basic utilities.

Internet connection has also become increasing essential during this digital period and there’s always need for data to stay connected.

MySafaricom App is a one stop shop that has helped people and business continue with their virtual transactions and interactions seamlessly throughout this period.

Users who download the App for the first time will receive a free 500MB token (valid until December 31, 2020).

Safaricom has relaunched new digital channels both on the Web and mobile App to complement its traditional channels such as the USSD and customer care call centre. The App will ensure that customers have more control to their Telco services through an easy to use do-it-yourself (DIY) and personalised services like Zuri, personal budgeting tools on M-Pesa (M-Ledger), Bill reminders.

The App will also offer access to a world of digital products and services such as entertainment, edutainment, health, food, travel and home services among others, with One Touch to login and view all your Telco bills and balances.

You will also be able to personalize the app to suit the favourite or frequently used services.

MySafaricom App is available for free for both Android and IOS users.

Those using the App for the first time will get a 500MB reward.

What to expect from the new MySafaricom App

1. Scan to top up

We’ve all been there, bought an airtime scratch card, had to find a coin to scrape the card and reveal a 16-digit number that you would type in to top up – a bit tedious when you’re in a rush or compared to the simpler and faster alternative.

The new MySafaricom App takes the fuss out of topping up, the Scan and Go feature allows you to just scan the airtime voucher and automatically credit your account.

It is a frictionless experience that reduces the number of steps when topping up airtime. Just Scan and Go!

2. Share M-Pesa transaction message

Imefika? Umepata? - Have you received it?

You know that follow up call you sometimes make to confirm that someone has received the money you sent them?

You have most likely had to edit your balance when forwarding the M-Pesa transaction confirmation text message. Or even worse, you have accidentally shared the full message and unwillingly revealed your balance. 

Well, you really don’t have to do that anymore.  The MySafaricom App has a Share Transaction feature at the end of your M-PESA transaction that will enable you to share the transaction message without the balance.

After a successful transaction, you will now be able to share the M-PESA messages via SMS, WhatsApp or Email without showing your balance.

You will also be able to receive enhanced M-Pesa statements detailing your transactions.

3. Login over Wi-Fi

One of the app top demand has been customers having to change from Wi-Fi to Safaricom mobile data to authenticate and login to the app.

The refurbished app allows a seamless login and authentication over Wi-Fi.

The feature is however not yet available for Android Version 10 and IOS users.

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