Bharti Airtel to restructure its operations in Africa

NEWS - By Kenneth Kwama | February 3rd 2014

By Kenneth  Kwama

Bharti Airtel plans to re-design its operations to align with a new management style that seeks to pursue more vibrant growth agenda in Africa. A statement from the company’s Africa office headquartered in Nairobi stated that the re-alignment will involve creation of new country-clusters, replacing the regional arrangement within its Africa operations.

 The new structure will classify operations in 20 countries across Asia and Africa Francophone, Anglophone (incorporating French and English countries respectively) and Nigeria.

 “As we refresh our strategy in Africa to deliver sustainable and long-term business growth, we position ourselves to execute with excellence and speed while further empowering our business leaders.

This new structure will enable us to leverage the power of country portfolio management,” said Airtel Africa CEO Christian de Faria. The changes will be effected from April.

 “Other than Nigeria and DRC, the remaining 15 country operations of Airtel Africa will be divided into two clusters, designed to leverage the power of cross-country strategic synergies, faster decision making and speed to market as well enhanced empowerment for the Country Managing Directors. 

Each of the two new clusters will be headed by an Executive Operations Director, reporting to the CEO - Airtel Africa.


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