It is important to talk about sexual health with your partner (Photo: Courtesy)

In this month of love, it is important for women to incorporate healthy habits that have the potential to positively affect their sexual health.

Meaningful conversations, awareness and accurate information regarding sexual function, pleasure, pregnancy and fertility.

Talking about infection also creates empowerment and allows women to make the necessary adjustments for their sexual health.

Candid conversations with your partner

No matter how old or new your partner is, STI prevention and birth control are essential conversations that you should consider.

To keep away infections and unplanned pregnancy, candid conversations about preferred methods of birth control and STI prevention cannot be over-emphasised.

Should you be fans of toys, cleanliness should be of paramount importance. Otherwise, they can be a source of contamination.

Furthermore, take extra care when engaging getting intimate during pregnancy; lowered immunity during this time increases vulnerability to infections.

Adapt a fertility lifestyle

Many women conceive without hitches, carry pregnancies to term without complications and have it a little easier with menopause.

However, others need a little more help when they are ready to have children. Do not wait until when you want to conceive to start eating healthy, quit smoking or get in touch with your baby-making abilities.

If you think your menses are disturbed, your blood pressure needs medications to be normal, have issues with your joints and muscles, make necessary adjustments and seek medical attention to be able to cope with pregnancy or menopause for the best outcomes.

 Talk about everything with your partner to make the topic comfortable (Photo: Courtesy)
No topics are off limits with the ob/gyn

Your doctor is a trusted source of information. You can be confident of the answers to your questions on your health issues. You might know your body well, but openness with your doctor can give you that added reassurance.

Do not succumb to fads

As much as the vaginal environment has its natural odour, abnormal odour can be due to an imbalance of flora that alters the pH.

Changes in pH can be caused by the use of scented sanitary items, use of antibiotics, douching and practising unprotected sex.

Maintain a healthy microbiome in the vaginal environment by treating it like a self-cleaning machine. Consult your doctor when an odour is abnormal or when accompanied by abnormal discharge. 

Preventive services are good

Screen for STIs, cancers of the reproductive organs and HIV at least annually. Get vaccinated for preventable diseases such as the human papillomavirus to decrease risk of cervical cancer.

Seek counselling services for yourself and if possible, your partner so that you can make healthy decisions in matters that concern your sexual health.