Baby prenups ensure every party does their part (Photo: iStock)

When we think of prenups, the first thing that comes to mind is marriage. Legally binding agreements are reserved for couples who are getting married.

However, we have baby prenups that have gained popularity in recent years. Although not legally binding, they are meant to delegate baby duties between parents-to-be, before the due date.

Although it’s meant for positive change, it has received a lot of criticism. Here are some of the reasons to get, or not to get, a baby prenup:

It helps organise the household

The reality of parenting after the baby is delivered is something we all take time to get used to. Even for parents who aren’t first-timers, things can get a little rough.

Organizing ways to help each other through a contract can definitely help to keep the house running in a fairer way. It’s a great way to ensure that teamwork is alive in the house and keeps negligent partners on their toes.

It’s a solution for resentment

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Parenting is something that is full of ups and downs. Sometimes, arguments and disagreements happen on the way. For many women especially, there is a feeling that men don’t do enough when it comes to handling parenting responsibilities.

Arguments often happen especially when men downplay how hard taking care of a baby is. At the same time, we also have men who do most of the work when it comes to such responsibilities. Both scenarios are a recipe for resentment between couples so the prenups come in handy.

These agreements also encourage more understanding and promote emotional stability. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and suffer from depression after the birth of a baby. Before things stabilize, it’s important for couples to help each other out. This agreement, therefore, helps both parents to stay calm and stress-free.

Children aren’t chores

Those who have criticized this arrangement argue that babies shouldn’t be treated like a chore. They need to be handled with love and care which requires sacrifice from both parents, without the need for an agreement.

They complicate things

For a long time, parents have dedicated their lives to their kids. This has always been the standard so these agreements are more or less invalid. When both parents are dedicated, understanding and loving, they are able to do tasks without having to settle scores for things done. Deciding to have a child and is committed to parenting is the sole agreement that is necessary.

Nothing works perfectly

Another criticism of the baby prenup is that there is no way to truly equalize parenting responsibilities. It’s not a clear-cut journey that is fixed. According to those opposing, things are constantly changing and sometimes, you just go with the flow. Although these types of agreements are helpful in some ways, they are very unrealistic.