Keeping children busy can be very difficult (Photo: iStock)

Parenting is such a beautiful journey. I’m sure you reminisce about the first time you saw your sweet bundle of joy and how amazing it felt.

Well, now the real challenges start to come up when they officially start the infamous ‘terrible twos phase.’ And interestingly it’s not necessarily about being age two because this phase can even extend up to four years old.

One main reason why the terrible twos come up is limited communication. Toddlers haven’t learned how to express themselves properly and that can lead to screaming, screaming, and more screaming!

But let me encourage you because this is just a phase that will go away quickly. For now though, here are some tips on how to get through it without losing your sanity:

Ensure they get enough rest

During this stage, your child isn’t able to fully comprehend what they’re feeling including fatigue. And a common cause of these tantrums is exhaustion so when you see them getting more irritable, it could indicate that they just need a nap.

You can actually prevent some of these tantrums by having a consistent sleep and nap schedule.

 Keep them busy with toys and snacks (Photo: iStock)
Distract them with toys and snacks

When you’re hungry, you won’t necessarily be in the best mood and that’s the same case for children. Therefore, you can prepare in advance by carrying snacks for your little one especially when you know you’re going to a public space. If you’re worried about giving them unhealthy snacks all the time you can pack some fruits and other healthy options.

The second distraction that does the trick is toys. Toys can help them calm down when they’re feeling anxious and irritable and this has worked for many parents. If they have a favorite teddy, you can carry it wherever you’re going somewhere with them.

Don’t respond to their demands every time

This might be hard to do but you can learn over time. Ignoring them will show them that they can’t always get what they want using attention tactics, plus, this is important for your peace of mind too.

There are times when you need to respond like when they’re going overboard but you don’t have to stress over everything.

Don’t encourage bad behavior

You can start disciplining your children early so that they learn that bad behavior isn’t allowed. If they start punching and kicking other kids while they play or treat their siblings inappropriately, you need to set firm boundaries.

If they make a mistake, pull them aside, and explain to them what they did wrong and why they’re being punished.

Set expectations before going somewhere

Part of planning a head is letting them know the expectations you have set. This is an important step that many parents forget which has led to embarrassing situations that could have been avoided.

If you’re going to visit someone, remind them how to behave appropriately. If you’re going to the supermarket, tell them that you don’t expect them to grab anything from the shelves.

Even though they won’t always behave, this might still help.