A drunk  butchered her baby because he woke up and started crying, police say.

Adelina Khairnasova is accused of the attempted murder of her eight-month-old son Tolik.

Police in Urussu, south-west Russia, allege she was drinking with her boyfriend and a female pal in her kitchen while Tolik was asleep in the next room.

But after Khairnasova allegedly started arguing with her partner, Tolik woke up and began crying.

She then allegedly flew into a rage, grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed her baby several times in the neck and stomach.

Her female friend dragged her from the child and then called an ambulance.

Tolik suffered multiple stab wounds and, though doctors have stitched them together, he remains in intensive care.

Khairnasova was arrested and charged and is expected to lose custody of her child, regardless of the outcome of the trial.

If she is convicted, she may face up to two years in jail.

Social workers are assisting doctors in caring for the tot.