A humble at-home date is very romantic [Courtesy, Freepik]

Have an at-home date

A humble at-home date is also a very romantic, but budget friendly date you could consider. Although your home might have this monotonous feel to it, you can instantly transform it into a romantic location to give it a new vibe.

With some candles, petals and romantic music in the background, you will forget that you're even in a space you're in on a daily basis. Also try and prepare a special dish that will enhance the experience instead of making something you eat often.

Go for an event

An event date could also be a fun experience that's also friendly on your pockets. You could check some of the latest inexpensive events your favorite artists are talking about and schedule your date around that.

The event will keep you busy and engaged and if you need to eat, you could easily buy some affordable snacks from the vendors around. You will be able to pull it off well if you go with a plan so you don't end up overspending on drinks and food.