Things you need to try this New Year (Photo: iStock)

Every year we all get set for new things, new resolutions that we really strive to achieve but hardly get to the third resolution of the year.

Starting the year with a positive attitude and energy can help one be the best one can be in life. 2023 is no different.

This year, let’s set a handful of achievable goals and then work towards accomplishing them.

Start and complete a challenge.

Each one of us has in our lifetime participated in a challenge we either did or didn’t complete. Savings challenge. Book challenge. Work out. 30 days no alcohol. Fasting, the list goes on. Pick on something you can easily complete. Write it down and see how great it can help improve your skills, life, and health and even save an extra coin.

Take a break from social media.

I’ve personally tried this but went back before the off time. I’ve however done it for a few weeks and realised just how this break can help reduce stress and anxiety that’s brought about by excessive scrolling. Set a limit, or simply take a break and do something else during that time. Ask Sarah Haluwa how she does this!

Have a savings plan

Not easy! We save and then chew the savings before it can really save us. This year, try and have a savings plan. Even if you’ll have just a few hundreds set aside for each of the 12 months, you’ll be surprised how you’d have created a nice nest for your unknown future. Save those coins, it doesn’t have to be millions.

Learn to say No

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It is important to set boundaries for yourself to avoid unnecessary emotional turmoil. Don’t be an everyday people pleaser - it can drain you. Saying a plain no to bullshit will save you. If it doesn’t add up, don’t accept it. Gently but firmly set boundaries for people around you and focus on things that matter to you and yours.

Read a Book.

In a world where electronic devices and social media have almost completely swept away the reading culture, it is almost impossible to complete a single chapter of a book. This year, try.

Check out the book libraries for interesting Best Sellers, join a book club, borrow one, swap and set a timeline. Silas Nyanchwani, La Patrona  Brian Mbanacho, Eunniah Mbabazi and others, have authored great books. Read more, scroll less.

One act of kindness a day.

Pay it forward. Do something nice for someone, each day. Even a compliment is enough to make one’s day and could improve our overall well-being. Hold the door for a stranger, buy fries for a street kid, let an older person in line ahead of you, and pay fare for a student. Be kind. Goes a long long way.

Fall in Love.

Love is a beautiful thing, no? We all crave love, at some point in life. Nothing beats those sweet little nothings and a shoulder to lean on after a hectic day in boardrooms, matatu madness and the current hard economy. Allow yourself to be loved, and love in return - you never know how 2023 is gonna end!

We have that stuff we haven’t used in months, including clothes. Remove those ones from your closet. Don’t hold onto things you don’t need for the wrong reasons. Donate the shoes, dresses and shirts you don’t wear. Someone out there needs just that.

Wear sunscreen.

Hello, babes. Welcome to 2023. Do your skin a favour and get yourself good sunscreen. The sun is not always friendly and can cause some damage to your skin. Make SPF your friend. Don’t leave the house without wearing sunscreen.

Book a doctor’s appointment.

Last year I skipped my gynae’s Pap smear appointment and I’ve just apologised to myself. Don’t be like me. How often do you see your dentist? Dermatologist? When did you last do an overall wellness check-up? Book your appointments and ensure you honour them. Health they say, is wealth.

Early to bed and early to rise.

Turn off your phone early and have enough sleep for the night. We’ve read and been told about eight hours of uninterrupted sleep for a healthy adult. Sleep enough and be an early bird. It is believed to improve the quality of sleep and sets up a great mood for the day.

Freeze unnecessary expenditure.

Stop all the unnecessary and non-essential spending for stuff you don’t need. Note down how much you’d have saved by this freeze and use those coins to offset a debt. Avoid impulse spending and do a budget. Daily, weekly or monthly.

That’s it for the year. Pick something and work on it. 12 months is a long time.