How to apply faux lashes like a pro (Photo: Courtesy)

We all love long lashes but applying them? Not so much. A turn-off, especially if you're a rookie, you are probably thinking it's not as easy as it sounds in theory.

Although some may be tedious, like the individual, feathery lashes, for the most part, you will have it easy. Follow these tips to apply falsies like a pro.

How To:

Step 1

Do your eye makeup to get that out of the way first. Apply your eyeshadow and eyeliner at this point.

Step 2


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Go in with a lash curler and apply mascara.

Step 3

Ensure the eyelashes fit your eyes perfectly by trimming if need be then apply glue to the eyelash strip.

Step 4

Give it around 30 seconds for the glue to dry then position the strip where you want to place it in your eye.

Step 5

Using a pair of tweezers place the eyelashes right where your eyeliner is and gently press.

Step 6

Look down and use a mirror to be sure it is perfectly placed but don't close your eyes as that changes your eye shape.

Step 7

To camouflage the 'falsies', go in with your trusted liquid or gel eyeliner and draw a line extending the band from where it begins to the outer corner of your eye. Finish off with a coat of mascara.

Step 8

Relish the results and tap yourself on the back for acing it.

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