Binge eating disorder is quite common (Photo: Courtesy)

·         Anorexia

You’ve probably heard of this condition before or maybe even had an unfortunate firsthand experience.

Unlike binge eating disorder where you eat excessively, you obsessively restrict how much you eat. There is also another type where you don’t necessarily restrict what you eat but you get rid of the food by throwing it up, using laxatives or choosing other methods to remove what you ate in fear of being overweight.

With anorexia you have a distorted view of your weight so while it might make you think you’re overweight, you’re actually dangerously underweight.

·         Bulimia nervosa

Bulimia is slightly similar to anorexia but there are a few differences. With this condition, you don’t restrict what you’re eating and you even eat excessively within a short period.

A common characteristic is that there is an obsession with getting rid of what you just ate using methods like purging but other patients also abuse exercise to shed off the perceived excess calories.

·         Rumination disorder

This is another psychological condition that often doesn’t get enough attention. This is a disorder where you regurgitate food then chew it again and swallow or spit it out.

This disorder isn’t connected to any gastrointestinal problems because it’s more of a psychological issue so if you see any signs in children and adults, it should be diagnosed and dealt with immediately.