Many fears will confront you whenever you embark on a journey to achieve something significant. Learn to take small steps that will help you reduce your fear or discomfort
How do you keep on keeping on when everything seems to be working against you? How do you finish or accomplish what you start well?
God created you to be fruitful. People may hate you for it but God delights in your fruitfulness. You need to have the spine or guts to bear the cost of fruitfulness
At some point in our lives, we all feel stuck. Whether it's a relationship that doesn't seem to be moving or a career that's stagnating. So what do you do then?
Dealing with toxic people, especially family members, is a difficult and sensitive issue that we often have to deal with
God wants to bless four key areas of your life: finances, health, inheritance and work. And in the workplace, we need to be mindful how we act and react
Strive to be a committed runner in all aspects of life. Prepare for the race in good time, be focused, enthusiastic and determined to win
For you to be successful you need to commit to certain things and walk wisely with an understanding of the signs of the times
Heartbreak and disappointment are inevitable for those who live as if nothing surprising can happen to them
If you are motivated by envy, you’ll burn out because there will always be someone on a higher level, richer, happier or more educated than you
Ask yourself what is most important in your life and pursue it diligently: that which will affect your decisions, schedules, relationships and general outlook on life
The way a person handles difficult times can make a difference between living a life of victory or one filled with bitterness, hostility and anger
Life is multifaceted and therefore it would be unfair to allow your entire life to be limited by failure in one aspect