You must have a dream backed by goals for growth and expansion and face your challenges head on in order to succeed
Nature teaches us that life has phases similar to the weather seasons, sometimes sunny and other times rainy. It is important to know the season or phase you are in and act accordingly
It is important to set yourself apart this year and commit to your goals if you want to succeed and make a difference in your life
The word success is one that often comes up in most conversations about life. Who has it? How do you get it? What price do you pay for it?
The power of love is manifested in all spheres, phases and interactions in life. As human beings, we are not perfect and neither are our relationships
Attitude is important. Our attitude determines our approach to life, and relationships with people and tells us what to expect from life
By Bishop David Muriithi Feb. 23, 2023
To change anything in your life and deal with problems and stress; you must have a clear and positive line of thoughts and perspective of life
In recent years, issues of obesity, diabetes, heart diseases and other chronic diseases have exploded to almost pandemic proportions not only in Kenya but also around the world
Fear mainly confronts you whenever you embark on a journey to achieve something significant. So, how do you overcome this challenge?
When you have a clear plan in life, it not only reduces frustrations but makes it easy for you to handle difficult situations