Since bicep curls are such a simple exercise, it is very easy to perform them incorrectly. It is not uncommon to see people doing them swinging their entire upper body or only performing half the movement.

Today we go through the steps to doing a bicep curl with proper technique.

Stand in a neutral stance with feet hip-width apart and soft knees. Alternatively, you can stand in a split stance with the front foot flat on the ground and the heel of the back foot elevated. Hold a dumbbell in each hand with arms hanging by your sides with elbows pressed into your sides and palms facing forward. Exhale as you curl the weight up towards your shoulder, then inhale as you lower back down to the start.


Contract your bicep during the curl. Keep your movements, both up and down, slow and controlled. Control your breathing. Keep your elbows locked in one position by your side throughout. Keep your shoulders back to keep the biceps working optimally.


Swing your entire upper body; only your lower arms should move. Use a weight that is too light or too heavy; you want to control the resistance throughout. Perform a half movement; lower your weight all the way to the bottom of each rep. Flex your wrists; keep them locked throughout the movement. What are you most likely very wrong about?