You probably have it in your kitchen but might not know its name. This is a perforated bowl made from plastic, stainless steel or enamel, used to strain liquid from foods like rice, grains and pasta after cooking, or draining water after washing fruits and vegetables.

The perforated holes in a colander come in different sizes with big or small holes. It is best to start with one that has small holes as it can be used for multiple purposes.

I recently discovered an interesting and fantastic way to use my colander; deleafing vegetables. I love my traditional vegetables (managu, terere, mrenda etc). The one thing I do not enjoy is the deleafing process. It is tedious, time consuming and not good for my nails (ladies, I am sure you agree with me). Here is how: pull the vegetable stalk through the colander hole and voila, leaves in the colander and stalks in hand. I also use this method to deleaf dhania (cilantro).

Wash your colander with warm soapy water and a soft brush. This helps in keeping the holes on the colander residue free.  You can get a plastic colander for Sh50. Fancier colanders will cost Sh100 - 1,500 depending on the material.

So...have you watched Game of Thrones?