Tamara Nicole Watkins, 27, is an entrepreneur passionate about fitness. Her goal is to inspire millions of women around the world to become a healthier and more confident version of themselves.

Avocado Toast with Vegan Cream Cheese


·         2 slices sourdough bread

·         2 tbsp. vegan cream cheese

·         1 avocado, roughly smashed

·         Lemon juice

·         Dill seeds

·         Crushed red pepper flakes

·         Flaked salt


1.    Spread cream cheese on each piece of toast.

2.    Divide the avocado between the slices, then top with lemon juice, herbs and spices to taste.

Protein Smoothie


·         1 cup of frozen fruit or 1 cup of ice

·         A scoop of protein powder of your choice

·         1/3 cup liquid (milk, yoghurt or water)


1.    To a blender, add all your ingredients and blend until smooth.

2.    Enjoy.

The top two ingredients in my pantry

Mrs Dash Original Salt-free Seasoning and cinnamon. I try to limit my salt intake by using saltless seasonings and Mrs Dash‘s entire line is salt-free! As for the cinnamon, a tablespoon makes a huge difference (before I was eating both dishes plain.)

The one kitchen gadget I can‘t live without?

My rice cooker. I love saving time in the kitchen because I am always meal-prepping and my rice cooker does just that. I can let my rice cook while I focus on other dishes.

The one kitchen gadget I’d buy if money was no object?

A juicer. Drinking your greens and fruits is an easy way to get in all of your servings for the day.

As a fitness trainer, the one nutrition mistake I see my clients making is…

Going on temporary, unsustainable, fad diets they cannot maintain. Unsustainable diets give you fast, but temporary results. If you want to see a permanent change in your body, opt for a healthy and balanced diet that is realistic and sustainable.

If I were to eat one food for the rest of your life, that food would be…

Sushi. I love sushi with all of my heart.

Why it is important that you meal plan when trying to get healthy

Meal planning ensures you are eating the right foods in the right portions for your health and body composition goals. Meal planning also helps you stay disciplined. You are less inclined to eat fast food, if you have a meal prepared.

The foods I advise my clients to eliminate when they start their fitness journey are…

Fast foods, fried food, desserts, dairy and soda. Eliminating these foods will help you see the best results. That, combined with a consistent effective workout regimen. These foods are bad for your gut health and they cause inflammation and other chronic health issues such as heart disease.

Why it is important to count macros

Counting macros ensures that you are getting enough of each food group each day for your desired body composition.

The biggest challenge running my fitness business…

Running it alone. All decisions fall on me. However, my goal keeps me going: I aim to help and inspire millions of women to reach their fitness goals.

The most satisfying moment when dealing with a client...

When a client loves their body and feels healthier because of the lifestyle changes she made.

If fitness is in your 2022 goals, the foolproof way to achieve that goal is…

1. Strength training to help build muscle mass and help you become stronger.

2. Eating a balanced diet that is sustainable and works for your goals.

3. Getting between seven and nine hours of sleep, allows for muscle growth, which happens during your rest time.

4. Drinking water every day; if your urine looks like midnight, please chug immediately.

5. Warm up and stretch before each workout.

6. Form over weight; aim to perfect your workout form before adding weight to help reduce risk of injury.

7. Have fun during your workouts. Enjoy the journey. Play your favourite song and have fun.

8. Stop unhealthy habits; smoking and drinking every weekend is not healthy.

9. Progressive overload: Gradually increase the weight, frequency or number of reps.

10. None of these tips will work without consistency. Stay consistent and tag me in six months. If you stay consistent for six months, you’ll see a change outside and inside.