Just like women who play wifey roles, there are men who play husband roles to women who will never settle. Here are the red flags you should never ignore
Fourty is a big deal, especially for a woman. The transition period is a whole roller coaster full of mixed emotions
By Diana Makokha Jul. 20, 2023
Of all the things that we should make peace with, at least by now, is that a woman should always date up, marry up
Sex drought has badly hit marriages. It remains the greatest source of frustration among married couples who are supposed to be enjoying it
To think that there's another man out there who knows your wife and spends more time with her than you do is something no man wants to imagine
There are girl/bro code rules that give guidelines on boundaries we are supposed to observe in the dating field. Should we really follow them?
Is bro/girl code a selfish unspoken code that deprives people of a potentially happily-ever-after life with people they may love?
Men are naturally givers or providers, and if they love, they won't find it hard to give and spend gifts with and on their partners
By Diana Makokha Nov. 17, 2023
Dating is not for the faint-hearted. It needs time. Sacrifice. Bravery and a whole load of adjectives because of the anxiety and passion that comes with it
There’s no known timeline for healing after a breakup, and much as people would say it is not okay to jump from this to that relationship, we can all agree that people heal differently
Kids come and tables are turned! No time for pointless raves and parties. Ask yourself if you're ready to give it all up. Parenthood is sacrifice and a lot of it
By Diana Makokha Dec. 21, 2023