How to make a statement without doing the most (Photo: Shein)

Pooled investments have brought so many women’s dreams to life and that is why chamas in Kenya are thriving.

And now more than ever, these social gatherings have morphed into these big social gatherings where women are now bringing their fashion A game. Here is how you can make a statement without doing the most

If you have a long bodycon dress, this is the occasion to wear it. A matching head scarf and the right amount of accessories will lock this look perfectly.

Considering how long these meetings can last, comfort is paramount. Nothing beats long flowy maxi dress rich in tropical prints for a chilled weekend chama.


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If your chama falls on Friday, wear a dressy work outfit like this pleated hem dress that will take you straight from the office to the meeting effortlessly.

Jumpsuits are super chic; the best part is that you can dress them down depending on your mood.

The wrong midi dress can dwarf you and this is why you must factor in your height. That said, go for a fun print and cut out to add some mischief.

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