Natural hair comes with a lot of work (Photo: iStock)

As much as we love our natural hair, we have to be real about some of the struggles that come with this hair type. You can get bored easily and not everyone has the time to do complicated styles.

But, there is hope once you think outside the box. Here are five interesting ways you can enjoy your natural hair:

Change your mindset

This whole process starts with changing how you see your natural hair. People often dismiss it as ugly and unmanageable, and after a while, you might start believing those statements.

For you to truly appreciate it, you have to start speaking positively about your hair. Once you feed it with love, you will be motivated to pamper and maintain it the right way.

Dye it a different colour

Now that the mindset hurdle is out of the way, you can think of ways to revamp your look. One approach you can go with is to dye it a different colour.

If you're willing to take the risk, you can go for a permanent change. If not, no problem, you can choose a temporary dye and then switch back to your usual shade.


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In case you're thinking about it, it is a wise idea to get it professionally done so you get that rich, even tone.

Have fun with extensions

Extensions can also transform your entire look if you're looking to do something interesting. You have access to different types of extensions, including those that can perfectly match your hair texture, so you are spoilt for choice.

You can give your hair a full break by doing crotchet, or get something that can still allow you to fully take care of your hair like an afro headband wig. For volume, try clip-in extensions and enjoy a different look whenever you feel like it.

Check online for some inspo

Online spaces are the go-to destination for natural hair inspiration. There you will get some ideas by looking at what people are trying out, then experiment with your own hair.

You might learn a new styling technique that you didn't know before, and even get to know products that can totally switch up your style.

As you try out new things, you will be able to come up with a list of hairstyles that suit you best.

Dazzle with some jewellery

Jewellery is a quick and easy way to up your natural hair game. There are beads, rings, clips and everything in between that you can try.

These small additions can really change how you see your natural hair. And they also do the trick if you're just looking for new ways to have fun with it.

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