Couple cutting their wedding cake

Every wedding is different.

While some couples want the full works, others want a simpler, more personal day.

But despite their differences, there are some things which will nearly always pop up. There will probably be speeches, a first dance and of course the cutting of the cake.

It's an extremely old tradition, but it's something most brides and grooms still include in their special day.

But it turns out the history behind it is a bit, well, disturbing.

According to wedding expert Aleisha McCormack, cutting the wedding cake actually represents breaking the bride's hymen. At the time, women were normally virgins on their wedding day.

Speaking on her MamaMia podcast Aleisha, who founded the wedding website Bridechilla said: "This is a very old school tradition, a lot of us don't think about the connection between the vagina and the cake.

"To be honest, I love eating cake and I'll have any excuse and I don't see it as a salute to the patriarchy. "However, it's good to know where these traditions came from."

But before that, if we go back even further to the Romans, the traditions were even weirder.

Instead of cutting the cake, it used to be broken over the bride's head as a sign of good fortune.

Not content with just hitting the woman on the head with the cake, years later the Roman decided it was actually better to throw it at the poor bride.