It can be hard to feel beautiful in a social media era where everyday people are bombarded with pictures of “the perfect” appearance
By Nancy Nzau Jan. 31, 2023
As crazy as it may sound, experts confirm that mangoes indeed can trigger potentially life-threatening reactions in some people
By Nancy Nzau Feb. 2, 2023
It may be hard to believe, but when placed on their mother’s chest after birth, many newborns can make their way to the breast and latch on without much assistance
Baby Care
By Nancy Nzau Feb. 8, 2023
You took a wrong turn somewhere in your education and professional trajectory; it feels too late to start afresh. Returning to the drawing board petrifies you more than staying the course. Now what?
Career Tips
By Nancy Nzau Mar. 6, 2023
In a recently released UN report showing gender representation in ICT, women occupy far fewer tech positions and face a gender pay gap of up to 21 per cent
By Nancy Nzau Mar. 8, 2023
A career misstep is not easy to face, and accepting it can be a slow and arduous process
Career Tips
By Nancy Nzau Mar. 9, 2023
Both women and men should decide early in life if they want to have children, as the chance of conceiving and raising healthy children becomes narrower as they approach 40
By Nancy Nzau Mar. 15, 2023
Today, Salome Ngugi is East Africa’s marketing manager for BIC
Achieving Woman
By Nancy Nzau Mar. 19, 2023
There are only nine fellowship-trained and qualified interventional radiologists in Kenya, and only one of those is female, Dr Felister Wangari Maina
Achieving Woman
By Nancy Nzau Mar. 21, 2023