Although bedsitters are small, they can still make a beautiful space (Photo: Courtesy)

Your home should be a calm, safe space for you to relax in. It’s the one area you get to be yourself and do things on your own terms.

Whether you have a spacious home or a comfy space like a bedsitter, you have the chance to explore different ideas when it comes to decorating.

Although studio apartments are a bit tricky to decorate, you still have so many ideas you can incorporate into the limited space you have. With a little creativity, you can transform your home into something completely new.

Here are the top five suggestions on how you can do just that:

Choose a bright color scheme

Colors have the power to either open up or close up your space. If you step into a small room with dark, heavy colors, you will instantly start to feel cramped up.

The opposite of that is a space with brighter colors like brilliant white. Even though the space is small, it will still feel more spacious.

If you’re painting the walls, putting up wall paper or choosing furniture to add to your home, lean more on the brighter side of things.

 Ensure the sofa you buy is not too big for your space (Photo: Courtesy)
Choose multifunctional furniture

The trickiest part about decorating a studio apartment is the space. There isn’t much room to add every single piece that you would want so you have to work with what you have.

A simple way to get what you need while adding more space is going for furniture that can handle more than one use.

It could be a bed that doubles up as a sofa, a table that comes with storage compartments or any other piece that can give you more space.

Arrange in the right layout

How you arrange your items and furniture makes a huge difference. A good layout will give the illusion of more space and that’s why you need to choose carefully. Let your furniture lie against the wall so that your room isn’t overcrowded.

An extra tip you might also use is, buy furniture pieces that are either square or rectangular shaped so that you have many layout options as possible.

 Your light source is key when decorating a bedsitter (Photo: Courtesy)
Add a simple chandelier

A chandelier can add an extra touch of beauty to your space. And, it will bring in more light into the room which also adds a refreshing look.

The good thing is that you don’t have to spend thousands on one. You can find some on sale or grab one at a good deal from an auction.

A fantastic choice would be the ones that comes with at least two bulb slots. And as you install, remember not to hang it too low.

Select only a few art pieces

It’s very tempting to overcompensate by flooding your house with so much art. Although adding art is great, you need a specific formula whether you have a large or small space.

If you have too many and you don’t have much space, it will quickly overwhelm your room. Instead, choose pieces that you love most.

This way, you will be bringing in an artistic twist without going overboard.