Women will lie about many things especially the Big-O (Photo: iStock)
I don't care about your money

Financial issues are one of the top reasons why marriages fall apart. And the truth is that most ladies will want a man who can take care of them properly even if they make their own money.

It's possible for a lady to be so caught up in the fairytale of love that she doesn't think about financial matters. But with time, her true feelings will show.

I had the Big-O!

In the bedroom, some lies have also been told. Women often find themselves faking that they had such a great time and that they had an orgasm when they didn't.

There are many reasons why this happens and part of it is because she just wants you to finish up so she can sleep or move on to other things.

He's just my friend

Male-female friendships have been the cause of a lot of issues in relationships. It makes sense for a man to be worried about his girlfriend's male best friend because cheating often happens within the same circles.

Some ladies have also dated these 'friends' in the past and would probably consider dating them again if things don't work out with their current boyfriend. That is why they might insist on keeping these guys around as their friends.

That so-called good friend is her plan B, watch out.

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