When a man wants to marry you, he will not hide it (Photo: iStock)

If you are in a long-term relationship, chances are you are hoping to someday walk down the idle. But what if your man is just stringing you along?

There are specific things to look out for that can tell you it’s time. If you’ve spotted any one of these major signs you can move in faith and probably start hunting down that gown for your big day. Finally!

 Here are some signs your bae might be ready to move the relationship to the next level:

He brings up the topic of marriage more

It’s generally hard for people to hide something they naturally feel inside. If he’s been thinking about marriage, you might notice that he’s now bringing it up more in conversations.

He will be more curious about weddings and the thought of married life will excite him more. If his eyes light up when talking about this, he might be ready.

 Your talks seem more mature and future-oriented (Photo: iStock)
You can tell he’s vetting you

When a man is really considering marriage, he will want to know the kind of wife you will make. He wants to be certain that you’re a good match before he makes the next move.

You will see that he’s trying to gauge how you would handle certain situations which is also another sign that he is about to pop that question you want to hear.

He doesn’t hesitate in front of friends and family

Meeting those who are close to him is already a positive indicator that things are going in the right direction. However, it’s sometimes still hard to tell if he’s serious with you and that is why you should investigate further.

If the topic of marriage comes up when you’re around his friends and family and he doesn’t hesitate, that’s a good thing. Check how he responds to those questions that might come up when you’re around others so you can tell where his mind is at.

 He will obviously be showing more love than usual (Photo: iStock)
He is following up after the engagement

Most ladies who want to get married look forward to the day their man will surprise them with a proposal. But unfortunately getting engaged isn’t a guarantee that you will actually make it down the aisle.

You definitely don’t want to collect engagement rings that didn’t lead to anything and one way you can really know is by watching his attitude after the proposal.

If he’s interested in making moves right after the proposal and not just proceeding without a plan, he’s ready.

He has worked on himself

We now know that married life and dating life aren’t the same. A man who is dating might behave in a way that a married man shouldn’t and get away with certain habits more, even though they’re both forms of commitment.

You can tell that he’s taking positive steps if he’s working to improve his life. This might mean that he’s stepping up his game when it comes to finances or just making general improvements and that indicates he’s marriage material.

That willingness to change can show he’s seeing marriage in the near future.