Installing nanny cams may seem like you are spying but they will ease your anxiety (Photo: Digital Camera World)


We’ve all probably come across the horror stories of evil nannies. These are people who look so nice and friendly at first but when you hear what they’ve been caught doing, it’s horribly scary.

There are many situations where fishy behaviour would have been spotted early if there were nanny cams installed. If you can afford one and you have your child being babysat by someone you’ve employed, it is definitely a good idea to have one than not.

But even up to now, most houses don’t have a camera.

Hopefully, these five reasons might show you why they’re absolutely essential when you have young kids at home:

It confirms that your child is well taken care of

This is the first priority that nanny cams address. It would be disastrous if the nannies only pretend to care for your children when you’re around-which is usually the case, and that should be reason enough to set up a camera to check if they are being genuine or pretending to care about your children.

You can’t blindly trust a nanny just by looking at them or listening to their sweet voice so having an extra set of eyes can be a huge advantage when it comes to your child’s wellbeing.

 A child is unlikely to report to you they are experiencing abuse (Photo: Technolocheese)
It alerts you if any abuse is going on

It’s unfortunate that many nannies abuse their employer’s children. This can go on for years without you knowing which is a huge reason to consider getting a nanny cam.

You can imagine all those terrible situations that would have come to light if there were cameras in the home. These are the kind of things that can scar your child for life and this is a big reason why people choose to get one.

It helps to ease anxiety

It’s not easy to just leave your child under someone’s care without being anxious about it. It’s also hard to be 100 per cent comfortable with someone who’s technically a stranger in your home and this is part of the reason why people hold on to good nannies for a very long time.

If you don’t want to be constantly stressed about what could be going on in your home, this would most definitely help. You need that peace of mind and it also prevents any unfair suspicions and assumptions since you can see exactly what’s going on.

You can monitor the nanny’s true character

Whenever you’re inviting someone to your home to help out, there has to be some level of trust. And since you can’t always tell how they behave when you’re not around, you can get a clearer perspective via a nanny cam.

There are stories of nannies who even bring people to hang out in their employer’s homes and some who even wear their employer’s clothes, take photos in them or steal, which is why you need to be alert.

It provides extra security

A nanny cam can help to boost the overall security of your home. The main purpose is to ensure your child is safe but it can also come in handy in case of anything.

If something goes wrong, you can quickly be in the know and take action, another added advantage.