“Come on! Your man is in Germany, let us go out and have fun,” you plead with your beautiful neighbour. She is not impressed by your overtures. You moved too fast, you realise and you must backtrack. You want to show her that you totally respect her choice of a man and you have no desire of rocking them apart. You just want to go out, have one or two drinks and come back.

“I don’t like going out with another man, it is a small world,” she says, not hundred percent resisting your offer. You just need a good counteroffer.

“Maybe we should call some of our friends and go out together,” you tell her.

She agrees and picks her phone, leaves for her house. After what seems like an eternity, she comes back, she says that you will have to pick her best friend in Westlands, and they also select a club, deep in Karen and she insists that it is her car that will be used and she is not drinking tonight. But she assures you that her friend is good company, so don’t worry. So you swing into action. She is driving and within 30 minutes you have picked her friend. You have told your best friend to come along for a few drinks as well.

A word about her friend. She is quite a looker. Tall, dark, discernible curves and she wearing what looks like a very expensive weave. You can’t make out her face, due the poor lighting, but you will settle that once you get to the club. She has a coarse, rough voice that when she laughs pierces through the dark night like thunder. It is like she has taken enough whisky to corrode her voice box. But she is charming and you like her company already.

You get to the club, and you are lucky to grab some lounge chairs, recently deserted by revelers. You notice her friend is quite beautiful. She is older than her by a few years and you have since learnt that they were in university together. Your friend later on joins you. Being a jolly-good-fella, he is already drunk, and he is at his witty and charming best.

Drinks are served. Water for your object of fantasy. And the three of you agree that some Irish whisky can suffice. Your friend performs the whisky opening rituals, quite melodramatically. You toast and get on with some small chat. You friend has no clue who your beautiful neighbour is and he is already making advances on her, after he notices that you are talking to the other lady. He takes it as a cue to start seducing your beautiful neighbour.

Your neighbour starts by being cynical about your friend, but before you know it, she is laughing her lungs out. In the meantime, you are in a deep conversation with her friend, who seems to be well-travelled. Something happens and in no time your friend is dancing with your beautiful neighbour and they seem to be having an incredibly good time. Some tinge of envy bites you, since your friend is such a good dancer and he seems to be enjoying every curve of her sexy body.

You drink on and catch up with her friend who has already unpacked her life to you in such precise fashion. It reads like a good novel. But things are moving too fast, you are beginning to notice something. Ever since you started talking, your neighbour has studiously avoided you and seems to be giving you all the ample time you need. But you didn’t ask for it. She is also distracting your friend on the dance floor.

Then it hits you, what this is all about. She is replacing herself with her best friend who has given every single indicator that she is single. Your neighbour is not going to get away with it.



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