How you can save money while shopping this year

By Esther Muchene | Fri,Dec 24 2021 09:00:00 EAT

 It's not easy to resist the urge of over shopping during the festive season (Photo: Courtesy)

Holiday spending has always been a huge trademark of Christmas seasons. We often spend money on lavish holiday trips, festive parties and Christmas shopping.

When we talk about Christmas shopping specifically, it’s difficult to be strict with how you spend your money and many of us end up over shopping.

By the time the holiday season is coming to an end, you’re left regretting why you didn’t save some cash for the super long January month.

It’s not easy to resist the urge to go overboard with shopping during this festive season but, the benefits will all be worth it.

Consider trying out these money saving habits this Christmas:

  • Be a frugal shopper

Being a smart shopper is one rule that will always help you thrive financially. This season can put a lot of pressure on you to buy lavish items but falling for that trap will keep you broke.

You should consider cutting costs by buying the less expensive versions of items whether it’s breakfast cereal, bathing soap, hair oil or detergents, so that you can have more cash saved for more important things.

 Always set clear limits and have shopping list when going for groceries (Photo: Courtesy)
  • Set clear limits

Working with a budget is one of the best ways to ensure you’re on track with your spending.

You should create a rough estimate on how much you are expecting to spend while you’re shopping and practice the habit of sticking to your budget with each shopping trip.

If you’re really having a hard time, you can even go as far as avoiding carrying so much extra cash with you so that you can resist the temptation to add more unnecessary items to your cart.

These habits will help you to save a lot of money in the long run.

  • Take advantage of end of year sales

The best part about December is the holiday deals. This is a season where sales are in almost every store and shoppers are spoilt for choice.

You should make use of these festive season offers because they will help you get more for less.

Although, I wouldn’t advise you to shop carelessly because some sales aren’t actually worth it. You still need to resist the need to use every coin because you might end up spending more rather than saving.

 Online shopping will help you resist the urge of going overboard when shopping (Photo: Courtesy)
  • Shop via apps

Still on the topic of offers, many people miss out on the amazing deals found through online shopping.

There are many apps that have discount codes all year round and this could come in handy if you’re doing some Christmas shopping.

Keep the apps updated and register your email so you can get notified on some extra deals via email. Another plus is, you will save on fuel and parking costs.

  • Compare prices

In order to be a pro at saving money, you need to do some deep research.

You shouldn’t stick to one particular shop or online store all the time because you might just find out that you could have found the same product at a much cheaper price all along.

Since holiday shopping can require a big budget especially if you’re planning on throwing a Christmas party, you could really benefit from price comparison.

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