Long term loneliness can trigger other problems [Courtesy]

Your personality becomes more rigid

When you're single for a long time you get used to your habits and attitudes. Slowly you adopt this personality that is great for a thriving career and other areas of your life but not romantic relationships.

A romantic relationship needs a lot of collaboration and that side of you becomes suppressed. You become less fun and you're more likely to only focus on what you want which will further prevent you from finding someone suitable.

You might collect more baggage

Being single doesn't automatically mean that you're intentionally working on yourself and preparing for your future partner. For many singles this is a time of partying, sleeping around and situationships.

If you live like this for a long time you collect a lot of emotional issues along the way. You might become incapable of pair bonding which can lead to a life of brokenness.

To add to that, the more bodies you collect, the undesirable you become to the potential partner you would want to be with.

It can affect you physically

Relationships aren't just a matter of romance and bliss. It's a survival thing because some studies confirm married couples have a lesser risk of developing heart disease as compared to their single counterparts and not just that, they recover faster from illness.

The list doesn't end there because married couples experience less stress compared to singles. This just shows that choosing to ignore your dating life for a long time can in fact have a negative impact on your physical health in the long run.