You are choosing guys who don't want to be 'kept'

Handsome and successful men will always be on high demand. They have many options to choose from and chances are, they're going to only settle down later in life because they simply can.

In the meantime, as they wait, they might temporarily settle and leave after they are bored. Many ladies have unfortunately ended up being victims and if this is you, you have to really think about the men you're going for.

You have deep emotional problems

We've all had to battle emotional struggles at some point in our lives, which is normal. But what makes a difference is whether you've chosen to actively seek healing or stay stagnant and continue struggling.

You have to do some introspection and see whether you have a lot of baggage that might be hindering you from having stable relationships.

You can't run away from this because your emotional issues will affect how you communicate, how you respond to certain situations and every other detail of your personality.

You are not in tune with what men want

Seeking advice from other women is very key. There are important lessons you can learn that you'll need for your future relationships.

However, you also need to focus on what men are looking for because they're the ones who understand their needs best. You can try and have open conversations with your dad, your brothers or even male friends so that you can get a fresh perspective and adjust your mentality when it comes to men.