As you nourish your body and soul, feed your mind too (Photo: Courtesy)

·         You are not special

This is contrary to what many people believe but it’s true. Showing your kids love is definitely important but that’s different from encouraging entitlement.

If you’re constantly telling them that they’re special, they will grow up expecting the world to treat them like they are and that is far from reality.

They will end up assuming they are more important than their friends and everyone around them and when they realize they’re not, it can shatter their esteem.

·         Always treat others how you want to be treated

This principle should be understood from the very beginning. It’s what allows you to create genuine friendships and it’s at the core of humility.

Once a child is told this, they will think twice before treating someone in a way they wouldn’t like. There are many lessons to be learnt from this basic value and this is even something adults struggle to practice.

Keep your circle small and remember not all friends will be happy for you (Photo: Courtesy)

·         Morals matter

Standing up for the right thing can save you from huge problems in life. There is always the temptation to cut corners and do what you want but in the end, this leads to bad consequences and big regrets.

Kids and adults alike should know that what is right is always the best way and they should never throw values like integrity and respect away for money, sex or other temporary needs.

•             God is important

These modern times have really changed how we look at religion. People are encouraged to believe in what they believe in even if it means seeing themselves as their own god and if we’re being honest, this self-idolization has greatly contributed to the rot we see in society today.

It’s interesting how there is more pressure to explore everything else besides Christianity and for many people, this has led to tough regrets.

You’ve heard of the saying that if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything and that’s something many people wish they were taught as far as religion is concerned.