(From Left) Racheal, Silvia and Quinter                        Photo: Jenipher Wachie

"Nag like a woman or cheat like man?" So do they? Do men naturally cheat on their wives/girlfriends?

Racheal Wangui, Student: Yes, it’s normal for them to cheat. It’s a reality and I have seen it with so many that I now believe they are created to cheat. They always give excuses that their wives do not give them their conjugal rights while in reality that’s their nature.

 Racheal Wangui, Student                                       Photo: Jenipher Wachie

Silvia Ochola, Administrator: I do not think so. I believe it is society that has allowed it to be that way. It has accepted it and men feel obliged to live that way. There are good men out there.

 Silvia Ochola, Administrator                                    Photo: Jenipher Wachie

Quinter Odongo, Marketing Executive: No, they are not created to cheat but it’s the situation they find themselves in. When a man lacks something in his relationship, he may not get the courage to tell his partner. He will find it easier to look for someone else who understands him. Nothing physical might happen on the first day or the next. But then it becomes a habit that he cannot stop.

 Quinter Odongo, Marketing Executive                                   Photo: Jenipher Wachie

Jackie Wangeci, Games teacher: No, I think our culture has allowed it and celebrates them when they cheat. I know there are men out there who are faithful, family-oriented and enjoy being monogamous.

 Jackie Wangeci, Games Teacher                                          Photo: Jenipher Wachie

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