What do you give someone who already has everything? Apparently, buy them lunch. Well, at least that is according to Senator Mike Sonko.

Yesterday the controversial senator, added to his list of philanthropy acts when he bought the president lunch at Kenyatta Market.

The President together with Hon Sakaja, Hon Sonko, Hon Madam Shebesh, Hon Kariuki had made an impromptu visit of the county. They started by visiting Kenyatta Market where the President shared nyama choma with Jubilee leaders and addressed traders.

They later headed to Muthurwa Market where the President also addressed traders, concluding his impromptu tour by addressing people at Mlango Kubwa in Mathare constituency who turned out in large numbers to greet him.

“Let us put the interests of the electorate ahead of our own and stop unnecessary wrangles that would divide us,” President Kenyatta said in his address.

Sonko later shared photos of the lunch with an accompanying caption; "Together with President Uhuru Kenyatta, Hon Sakaja, Hon Madam Shebesh, Hon Kariuki we made a surprise stop at Kenyatta Market interacted with traders  and later on  my bestfriend and our President akasema anahisi njaa so I decided to buy lunch at one of the kiosks. Lazima tuinue biashara za watu."

Uhuru Kenyatta;Mike Sonko;Nyama Choma