Describe yourself in five seconds...

I’m a fun-loving, outgoing but a shy lady. I am also hardworking and religious. I read a lot of religious books. I am a third born in a family of three, and a diploma graduate in Travel and Tours.


What do you love most about being a woman?

That I have the power to change the world and, of course, I can multitask, something men cannot do.


The Nairobi County Assembly has proposed banning of prostitution in the city …What inspired this move?

Prostitution is a delicate subject but the law has addressed challenges that force women into the streets such as unemployment. All we want is to better their lives and help them do something they will be proud of.


Rumour had it you were an item with Mike Sonko. True or False?

Mike Sonko supports those he sees and thinks have potential. He has been supportive and I owe it to him. Politics is no joke so one has to have a mentor like him. I could never make it alone.


Your first image that pops up on Google tells a different story about you…don’t you think being a leader you should be a role model, especially to young girls?

I had been young at the time I took the photos and I outgrew them. Not that I regret anything; for me it is all about growth. I have changed over the years, from a soccer player, to an actress, to a model and now a politician, and I have lived every stage to the fullest.


Do you think starring in the Big Brother Africa played a role in elevating your political career?

Yes it did. It gave me confidence. It also taught me that through hard work and proper planning, success follows. I also learnt that competition is healthy.


You starred in Behind Closed Doors, which was once censored in Kenya, do you think the Kenyan Film industry is too conservative?

Not conservative, but hypocritical. I think the industry is reluctant to embrace our own productions and opt for the West. We watch other more explicit productions from outside Kenya but when we do a similar thing here, it becomes a problem.


What would you consider your greatest achievements in life?

Knowing myself, my strengths and weaknesses. That is what has seen me survive through the years.


Would you go back to showbiz in the near future?

When the time is right, I will. For now, my focus is on politics. It is a whole different career and I want to grow in it and understand what it is to serve people. But I have not dumped acting. I am still supporting the industry through laws. I am also available any time my fellow thespians need me.


Are you seeing anyone special?

Yes I am. He is supportive and quite my opposite. He is the behind-the-scenes type of man and he likes his privacy.


Away from politics what do you love doing?

I sleep a lot. I also read religious books.


Advice to women both in politics and showbiz.

They should understand that politics is a dirty game and even dirtier for women. They must have a thick skin. And for those in showbiz, creativity is a must in the game.