Infidelity in relationships is not a new thing really. It was there even in the good old days.  People cheat for diverse reasons and cheating does not mean that they are unhappy in their current relationships.

Even though men are seen as the serial cheats, women take the trophy. They are just smart about it hence it is difficult for them to get caught.

Here are common lies every cheating woman has used:

He is like a brother to me:

 When your lady spends some quality time or keeps chatting with a particular guy, you should be alarmed. It is even worse if you ask her about it and she pulls a “We are just friends, actually, he is like a brother and nothing more”… this should be very worrying to you. Your woman is probably cheating on you with the ‘brother’.

I was with the girls

If you ever call your girl at some odd hours and you don’t reach her then later she calls back and tells you that she went out with the girls and it took longer than she expected, research further. Ladies will always use ‘my girls’ as a scapegoat to cheat. The ‘my girls’ will most definitely cover up for their own so don’t trust them as well.

I’m working late

This is a very common one. She is simply telling you, don’t disturb me with phone calls and don’t expect me home early either. I’ll be busy. This could mean she’ll be having some good time probably with some other man and your distraction is the last thing she needs in her life.

You are the best thing that ever happened to me

When your woman is all lovey dovey with you all over a sudden, she is probably feeling guilty and trying to make up for something. She will go all out about how you are the best thing that ever happened to her life. How she doesn’t imagine her life without you. Before you start feeling very important and appreciated, take time to think where all the praises are coming from.

I need some me time

Women love being in the company of guys they really like. It is normal and actually healthy though, for a woman who is in a relationship to take a break and have her ‘me’ time. It is actually healthy for your relationship. It is however alarming if her ‘me time’ completely replaces your time together all the same.

I don’t cheat

I think this is the most common one from any philandering character. I mean, isn’t human nature to say they aren’t things that they actually are. Especially if she keeps saying that without you asking if she’s cheating on you, look further and deeper.