When a woman is 28 years old, it's a defining moment for her. It's time to take stock of what she has achieved or not achieved in life. Therefore, at 28 a woman cannot afford to be immature and lie about her age. She can't lie that she is sweet 16 or she is 25.

This is the age where a woman has made it in relationships or is yet to have a second chance. If life and circumstances are fair, a woman at 28 has her home and is pregnant with her second born. If she got jilted, walked out of an abusive relationship or never says yes to men, then she is yet to have a home.

It's at this age that a woman's taste is refined. A woman cannot afford to have poor taste in furniture, cutlery and fashion. She has been hanging around this world for 28 long years to experience the expense of cheap things.

It is at this age that a woman can clearly discern jokers and men with true intentions. She knows that men who prefer texting to calls or call once like how rain falls in the desert are not to be trusted. If at 28 a woman still takes such men seriously, then she has never grown up and will never grow up.

A well-schooled woman is on top of her career at this age. She is past the formative years in her field and understands the pros and cons of being in the career. It is that moment when women afford to have their assets. Women discover that money should actually be sought.

No woman at this age is ashamed of whatever small scale business she has to do to earn an extra coin. Whether it is preparing chapatis for mjengo men at the estate or hawking panties in the estate, she will be willing to try her luck.

At 28, cliques that were formed in high school and college and have been strengthened by constant communication go. It doesn't matter how many get togethers, out of town trips, chamas and Whatsapp groups that are created. Women just become busy with their careers, homes and meet new friends. Many times, such friendships will not be a priority.

The battle to forever be young kicks off at this age. Every woman at this age feels she should be 25. Many manage to exercise, diet and use variety of beauty products that keeps them young. It's at this moment that successful 28 year olds manage to have high self-esteem. It doesn't matter whether they are old or young, they know they are 28 and will be turning 29 in the following year.