Eggs contain many essential vitamins and minerals that promote hair growth (Photo: iStock)

Eggs have many essential vitamins and minerals that promote hair growth. These amazing properties help to regenerate collagen in the hair since collagen production slows down as we grow older. Some of these essentials found in eggs are proteins, zinc, vitamin B12 and biotin. One of the most effective ways of getting these vitamins is by eating boiled eggs a few times a week.


This super fruit has become one of the most popular fruits in recent years. They rose to fame and even became one of the insta trends up until today. As we continue to consume this 'trendy' fruit, it's important to also understand the benefits they have when it comes to hair. They contain vitamin C, folic acid and other fatty acids. These are all essential for follicle repair which then reduces hair loss.


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Oatmeal is one of the healthiest and simplest meals to make. It has many benefits for the body and more specifically, the hair. Oatmeal contains fatty acids and vitamins that improve hair elasticity and reduce breakage. Furthermore, it can also be used directly in the hair as a mask or even as a treatment. This dual purpose has made it one of the popular hair boosters for soft and strong hair.

 Avocados contain nutrients essential for follicle repair which then reduces hair loss (Photo: iStock)
Citrus fruits

The family of citrus fruits includes lemons, grapes, tangerines, oranges and limes. They are rich in vitamin C which is essential for strong hair. Furthermore, vitamin C helps to fight harmful oxygen bonds in the hair which are known to cause hair breakage. Ensure that you add citrus fruits to your diet by eating them directly or even juicing them. This is a great way to fight hair loss too.


Legumes are also another recipe for strong hair. Examples such as green peas and black beans are good for reducing hair breakage and brittle strands. They are rich in proteins, iron, zinc and different types of vitamins that your hair definitely needs. Consider eating protein-rich legumes in plenty to reduce shedding.

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