Make a promise to yourself that you will no longer entertain time wasters (Image: Shutterstock)

Many of us have fallen for the tricks of a time-waster. They worm their way into our lives, sweep us off our feet and then drop us at the subtle sign of commitment. Many women can attest to the fact that they have had to wait on a man who is taking his sweet time to define the relationship, a lot of women even wait for years.

Make a promise to yourself that from this year on, you will no longer entertain time-wasters. If you are looking for a solid commitment, your time is precious and should not be wasted on somebody who is holding you back. Ladies, a guy will waste your time if you let him, so below are four indications that you are dealing with a time-waster.

 Time wasters worm their way into our lives (Image: Shutterstock)
Flirting without action

Such a man will give you constant compliments, flirt with you and promise you the world. This can go on for months or even years! He’ll give you a whole lot of attention (which girls love) but not even ask you out on a date. All along, in your mind, you thought that this man was really into you and yet doesn’t do anything beyond telling you “sweet nothings”.

In most cases, such a man has other options, meaning that you are one of many women in his roster. He probably even has a woman in his life and is simply passing time with you. Understand that just because a guy flirts with you, doesn’t mean he actually likes you.

 He has other options, meaning that you are one of many women in his roster? (Image: Shutterstock)
He goes ghost on you

“Ghosting” may sound funny in the world of memes, but it actually sucks when it happens to you. Say he actually asks you out on a date after all the flirting that we talked about in the first point, but then goes silent on you after hanging out.

This point only really applies to you if the date went really well, you had a lot to talk about and you didn’t want it to end. If you don’t hear from him within a few days after the date, cut him off because he wasted your time. Worse still, he might hit you up with a generic text much later looking to butter you up for a future rendezvous. Run!

 If you’re always hitting him up first, he’s just not that into you (Image: Shutterstock)
You always initiate the conversation

A man who truly wants a woman will pursue her, but if you’re always hitting him up more than he hits you up, he’s just not that into you. He probably likes you, maybe just not as much as you would imagine.

Contacting him first all the time may actually turn him off because it is in a man’s nature to pursue the woman. Regardless of how much you like the guy or how comfortable you are with him, let a man miss you sometimes.

 Let a man miss you sometimes (Image: Shutterstock)
Lame excuses

If you’re seeking an exclusive relationship with a guy you’re interested in and yet he makes up excuses as to why you two can’t be together, he’s wasting your God-given time. On top of this, if he gets mad at you for wanting to define the relationship, simply walk away.

Lastly, if he says that he’s not ready for a girlfriend, he’s basically saying that he wants a girlfriend, he just doesn’t want it to be you. A man knows what he wants and goes for it.

If you could travel back in time, who would you want to meet?