Today we make crispy fried okra (Lady fingers) [Courtesy, Chef Ali Mandhry]

Today we make crispy fried okra (Lady fingers). This simple recipe will change your perception of this sticky vegetable.


1kg fresh okra (lady fingers)

Salt to taste                                                                                           

2 tablespoons flour

Juice of 1 lemon

Vegetable oil 


Wash the okra and cut them into halves. Now split from the middle using a knife.

Sprinkle salt, then add the flour and lemon juice.

Using your hands mix everything (it should form a sticky coat).

In a pan over medium heat add the oil and heat it.

Dip the okra in the oil one at a time (avoid dipping them all together since they might stick to one another).

Deep fry for two to three minutes or until the okra is slightly golden brown and crispy on the outside.

Serve as a snack or as a veggie. Enjoy!