Drinks you can take in place of carbonated ones (Photo: Courtesy)

Soda is the go-to drink that people often go for when they’re having comfort food. You will even see lots of free sodas offers every day and it’s not easy to resist this fizzy drink on a hot day.

Despite all the health warnings that have been put out there, people just aren’t interested in getting rid of them. It’s clear that soda will always be there but you can take control of how much you consume.

Once you overcome the assumption that there aren’t other healthier options that can give you the same refreshing feeling that soda gives, you’re on the right track.

There are countless drink options you can go for and these are a few worth trading your sodas for:


Obviously, water is at the top of the list of drinks you should be consuming every day instead of soda. It might not have the sugar and the fizz that soda has but you can’t compare the health benefits it brings.

Water is important for your overall health and you get the added beauty benefits too.


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You can gradually shift from having a lot of soda to drinking water every day especially when you remember the great benefits.

 Water is obviously better than any other drink you can have (Photo: Courtesy)
Fresh fruit juice

Forget the juices that have added sugar and other preservatives in them. Fresh fruit juice is the way to go if you’re looking for something that can benefit your body.

There is a huge difference between plain, natural fruit juice and those that have been altered. If you really want to stay healthy, you should blend some at home for yourself.

However, you should still limit how much you consume. You might end up oversupplying your body with excess sugar.

Coconut water

In case you’re tired of drinking plain water you have the option of trying some coconut water. It has important nutrients that boost your health and can serve as a preventative measure for serious health conditions like kidney stones. To add on to that, it doesn’t contribute to unwanted weight gain which is often the case with sugary and high-calorie drinks.

If you compare this to soda which actually invites these health problems, you can see which one would benefit you more.

 Fresh fruit juice is the best as it has no additives or preservatives (Photo: Courtesy)
Herbal tea

The other option you can try is chilled herbal tea. They have some flavour and the best part is that you can come up with new combos and still stay healthy. Plus, preparing this will only take you a couple of minutes so this is a great quick option to swap soda out for.

Something you might consider is chilled hibiscus tea and peppermint tea but you also can research interesting chilled herbal tea recipes that would suit your preference.

Lime water

This is also an interesting twist to plain water that you can add to your list. Lime has a unique flavour that blends well with different ingredients including water.

On a hot day, you can chill some water, squeeze in some lime juice and you’re all done. You also have control over how much lime juice and sweetener to add to your refreshing drink which is perfect!