Serves: 4

In Kenya, we call them traditional vegetables (mboga ya kiyenyeji). They are very nutritious. If not cooked well, it may taste bitter.

Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook Time: 35 minutes Ready In: 50 minutes


 4 bunches kunde (cow pea leaves)  1 large onion  4 tablespoons vegetable oil  White pepper, to taste  Salt, to taste  250ml whole milk / cooking cream


Remove the leaves from their stock, wash then boil until tender. Once tender, drain the water and set aside (this can be done earlier, stored in the fridge to save on time).

Over medium heat, fry the onion until golden brown (not burnt), add the kunde, stir and let cook for about five mins to allow the onion and oil to infuse with the kunde.

Add the milk, salt and white pepper, lower the fire and let simmer for about 10/15mins.

Serve with ugali.

Note: The same method can be used for a variety of traditional vegetables. You can also mix traditional vegetables while boiling, for instance, kunde, managu, terere and saget and cook the same way.