Workplace fitness is an area we need to look into some more (Photo: Courtesy)

The average Kenyan woman spends approximately eight hours of her day working. This translates to 40 hours per week. All these hours combined with increased love for electronic gadgets explain why obesity is on the rise in Kenya.

The reason some working women could be out of shape is that they do not have adequate physical activity. Workplace fitness is an area we need to look into some more.

Workplace fitness entails deliberate efforts organised by a company - or employees - to have its employees (and sometimes their family members) incorporate physical activity in their day-to-day routines.

All efforts are to encourage staff members to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Here are some of the benefits of establishing a fitness culture in the workplace.

An unhealthy lifestyle is one of the leading causes of health problems that lead to chronic illnesses and even some types of cancer. Unhealthy employees cost more than healthy employees.

Incorporating a fitness culture in your company is a win-win situation; your employees become healthier and fit with time as they cut costs on medical care and the company saves a bit more.


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A workplace fitness programme will educate you on how to feel better about staying fit at work, which is beneficial both mentally and physically.

From simple stretching exercises to scheduled workout sessions, that dose of happy hormones counters depression and makes work a lot less stressful.

By the end of the day, work monotony is broken - you will find yourself able to sleep better and come back to work more rejuvenated.

New research suggests that women are sacrificing their health due to the burden of long work hours. Healthy and rejuvenated women are less likely to miss work.

With a fitness programme in place, women will enjoy their days at work and will look forward to the next day.

Workplace fitness programmes encourage employees to perform better and increase productivity.

Research shows that companies that have fitness programmes retain their employees, especially women, longer than other companies.

Employees in companies that have established a fitness culture are less likely to resign as employees also appreciate the efforts that the company has put in place. Decreased employee turnover rate is a definite plus to a company.

Also, people who work out together develop a bond over time and they tend to know each other better. Such bonds foster healthy working relationships that translate to better cooperation when working. A fitness programme at work also offers social support for individuals who would want to achieve weight loss goals.

These relationships and associations build an atmosphere of teamwork, which reflects well on the entire organisation.