Step up your sweater game this cold season by bringing in a little fuzz.

Fuzzy sweaters are not only fun but they are warm and definitely snuggly.

This cozy knit sweater makes you feel like you are wearing a warm blanket hug. Here are a few ways you can invest in this cozy style.

What the model is wearing:

Earrings: MRP

Pink Blazer: F&F

Fuzzy sweater: Kenyan Slayers

Pants: Model’s own

Earrings: Maasai Market

Fuzzy sweater: Kenyan Slayers

Skirt: Kenyan Slayers

Shoes: Bata Kenya

Fuzzy sweater: Kenyan Slayers

Dress: Stars Jollaire

Shoes: Bata Kenya

Hat: Stylists’s Own

Fuzzy Sweater: Kenyan Slayers

Skirt: MRP

Shoes and bag: Bata Kenya

Earrings: Maasai Market

Full outfit: Kenyan Slayers

Shoes: Bata Kenya


PHOTOGRAPHY: Phocus Photography, Jango apartments, Mawenzi road,Upper Hill, Nairobi. Web:;Facebook: Phocus Photography; Instagram: @phocus_photo;

STYLIST ASSISTANT: Judy Rose; Instagram: @dee_rozz

MAKEUP ARTIST: Mokeira Oyaro. Instagram: @mokeira_oyaro Facebook: Mokeira Oyaro

MODEL: Irene Muthiani


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