Estheticians have seen it all so there's no need to be shy (Photo: Shutterstock)

If you wish to go for a bikini wax, then you may have had a myriad of questions flowing from your mind. Will it hurt? How long will it take? Should you be embarrassed? Before you let fear lead you to cancelling your appointment, here are the things you need to know from the estheticians themselves. 

You can bring friends

During your initial days as you adjust to the waxing, you may need some moral support. You can have a friend accompany you to your appointment and even have them in the room with you. Don't fret thinking you'll be alone, especially if you think your friend’s presence can help take your mind off things and soothe your nerves. If a friend makes you feel comfortable, go ahead and bring them in. 

Take a glass of wine or painkiller before

Let's face it, getting a bikini wax is painful, moreso if you haven't taken anything to numb the pain prior. To tackle this huddle, you can opt to take some aspirin or painkiller of your choice. A glass of wine is also good and can numb you a bit as you prepare. Be sure to take just a glass so that you don't pass out. 

Don't come straight from the gym

In the same way you have to brush your teeth before going to the dentist, so should you avoid going to your wax sweaty. Avoid going for your appointment right after your gym session. Freshen up beforehand. 

Reschedule if you're on your period

It's possible to get your session done if you have a tampon on. However, to avoid any accidents and also more pain, reschedule your appointment if you're on your period. Women are more moody and are more sensitive to pain during their period. 

They've seen it all

Are you embarrassed that someone will be looking at your privates? Don't be. Estheticians have seen it all, and you’re just another client to them. You shouldn't feel shy at all. To ease up the tension, you can start a chit chat with your esthetician to calm your nerves. 

Follow the esthetician’s instructions

There are stories of women who go and after the wax is applied they stick their legs together. This makes the wax stick too, making the task extremely painful. Follow the instructions given, which often consist of you being told to keep your legs apart for longer so that the esthetician can reach some areas.

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