Beryl Wanga Itindi is a columnist for Eve woman magazine. On her #GirlCode column, she writes about her personal experiences and how they have changed her life. The mother of one says she was ushered into parenthood under difficult circumstances and situations.

Here are 7 things you probably didn’t know about her

Her pregnancy experience was a difficult one

Beryl describes her pregnancy experience as hell. She suffered from morning sickness for the entire time she was pregnant, was diagnosed with fibroids and even went into labour at 6 months. Luckily the situation was controlled but she was put on bed rest.

She grew up in Eldoret

Beryl grew up in Pioneer Estate in Eldoret. She describes her childhood as one that was full of fun and adventures. ”Those were the days when kids used to play outside, it was really fun unlike nowadays where kids stay indoors most of the time.” She adds

She prefers to stay indoors

Even though Beryl was an outdoor kid, as an adult she prefers to stay indoors and watch a movie when she is not writing. “I’d rather stay indoors and watch a movie. I like movies that are based on real life experiences.” she says.

She wanted to be a TV presenter

If Beryl was not a writer, she would be on our screens. The writer says that she changed her mind after clearing campus when she realized that the TV industry was crowded.” It is then that I decided to focus all my energy on writing and I am glad I did”, she says.

She has written a book

The book that will be published in December is her greatest achievement as a writer so far. It is titled   “Morning is Coming” and is about her real life experiences and those of the people close to her.

6 . Her family influences her writing

Coming from a family of eight siblings, Beryl says she was inspired to write about the unique personalities of her sisters and brothers. Her mother was also a great storyteller and that inspired her to start writing at the age of 11 when she was in primary school. “I would write the stories she used to tell us and that is how I realized I could write well” she says.


She can’t leave the house without her phone

 Being a writer, Beryl says the one thing she cannot leave the house without is her phone. ”My phone is very important to me, I use it to write my stories and many other things.”