Smelly feet is one of the most irritating things an individual can deal with.  The smelling of the feet is also a condition called bromodosis.

Here are simple ways on how to treat smelly feet:

Use any choice of your soap and scrub. Later, wash your feet at least once a day. The best time to do this is during your morning or evening shower. It’s important to dry your feet completely after washing. Pay special attention between your toes, where any wetness can easily cause bacteria to grow. Clip your toenails and make sure you clean them regularly.

Remove the hard, dead skin from your feet with a foot file. Change your socks at least once a day. If you’re in a hot environment, exercising, or in any other situation where your feet may become sweaty, you should change your socks more often.

Have two pairs of shoes that you alternate wearing. This allows each pair to thoroughly dry out from sweat or moisture for a full day before being worn again. Remember that wet shoes allow bacteria to grow on your feet more quickly. Wear open-toed sandals when you are around your house or environs to give your feet some air. Try and go barefoot indoors when appropriate to allow your feet to stay dry. Avoid shoes that are tight or may retain moisture.