Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla are the Beyonce and Jay-Z of prime time news. The couple who anchor news at 7 in Kiswahili together, serve us nothing but looks and goals everytime they are on screen together. They are the embodiment of the matching kitenge stage in marriage. Here are some of their most amazing looks:

 A couple that works together stays together (Photo:Instagram)
 Black and yellow.Someone send me their tailor's number (Photo:Instagram)
 This picture just screams Wakanda greatness (Photo:Instagram)
 Can we also get a spouse that compliments our selfie game? God please! (Photo:Instagram)
 Oga boss and his sweetness (Photo:Instagram)
 Their tailor needs to be given a Noble Peace Prize at this rate (Photo:Instagram)
 And in the headlines, Lulu and Rashid slay us once more (Photo:Instagram)