Guys do the asking but in these modern times, things are changing (Photo: Courtesy)

The month of love is here and that means valentine’s day is closing in. Although couples should celebrate their love every other day of the year, there will always be something special about appreciating your love on valentine’s day.

If you are single and looking to secure a date with that special somebody on the D-day, now is the perfect time to make arrangements.

Typically, guys do the asking but in these modern times, things are different.

It’s now not unusual for a lady to ask a guy out for valentines but, the process can still be nerve wrecking if you’re not used to it.

But good for you we have some pointers you could use to secure an awesome valentines date this 2022:

Make it clear that you are interested in a romantic date

A big part about valentine’s day revolves around romance but it’s not always the case. People these days choose to go out for friendly dates with their buddies or co-workers, since the holiday can also be about friendly love.

For that reason, you have to be clear that you are asking him out on a date-date and not a friendly fun day so that you are on the same page.

Let it be natural

Asking someone to go out with you is one of the toughest things to do. There are all these ‘what-ifs’ and there can be a deep fear of rejection and embarrassment if you get a no.

I know it can be tough but the best thing you can do is be yourself. Since you are probably friends already, just let the conversation flow naturally instead of planning a specific way of asking the question.

You can even crack jokes and make it fun to calm your nerves then drop it like it’s hot. If he agrees, yes, if he doesn’t, at least you tried.

 Let the process be as natural as possible (Photo: Courtesy)
Text it if you are feeling overwhelmed

Sometimes you can try to plan how something will go only to freeze at the last moment. Also, you might have thought you would get some private time to talk but things don’t always work out exactly how we expect them to.

Not everyone is used to the concept of asking guys out so I get it.

If it’s a bit hard for you to ask in person, just text him early so that he gets enough time to see it and give his response.

Give him time to think about it

Giving him some space to decide will take the pressure away from the moment. He might be surprised that you are asking him out or maybe he had other plans that he was considering and he is trying to make some adjustments.

Just give him a minute and let him know that he can get back to you when he’s ready. Don’t pressure him.

Plan something he will enjoy

If he says yes, which I hope he does, now the planning can begin. Since you’re the one who asked him out, you should do the organizing and the paying, sis.

Pick something guy-friendly or just something you know he will specifically enjoy like taking him to watch a football game over his favorite drinks and nyama at a restaurant he’s been wanting to go for ages.

Start thinking of the date ideas early and get his opinion too.