Five snoring tips and remedies to help you and your partner sleep better

By Esther Muchene | Wed,Nov 24 2021 08:45:00 EAT

 The snoring sound can be a nuisance to light sleepers who need their peace and quiet at night (Image: Shutterstock)

Is your snoring affecting your quality of sleep and keeping your partner awake as well?

The truth is, we all know someone who snores. According to statistics, this affects almost half the population and is therefore nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of if you happen to be a habitual snorer.

This irritating sound can be a nuisance. On top of that, you or the culprit with this noisy problem will wake up cranky and feeling tired because of the interruptions.

So why do people snore? Several factors could be to blame. When your breathing is blocked you will snore. This happens when the soft tissues vibrate when the air doesn’t move freely through the nose and throat when one is asleep.

Sleeping on your back or even when you have a cold this could be a problem.

The other thing is, men are more susceptible to snore because their air passages are much narrower. This however does not mean women and children don’t snore. They do.

So, before you consider sleeping in separate rooms and let this affect your relationship negatively, here are a few things you can do to improve on that:

  • Cut some weight

If you weren’t snoring before you gained some extra kilos, then you need to look into your weight. This however is not a guarantee it will stop because skinny people snore too.

The extra fat around your neck may squeeze the throat causing blockage of air when the muscles relax. At this point it would be a good idea to watch your diet and get regular exercise.

  • Open your nose

You can consider internal or external nasal dilators to keep your nasal passages open. By sticking it on the bridge of your nose using an adhesive, it lifts your nostrils improving airflow.

The internal dilator on the other hand expands the nasal opening when it is inserted in the nostrils.

According to experts, these two products help improve with snoring and are inexpensive ways to do so considering you can purchase either one at a pharmacy.

 You can always switch sleeping positions to see what works best for you (Image: Shutterstock)
  • Take a hot shower

Just before bedtime take a soothing hot shower to open your airways. Alternatively, you can use a facial steam bowl to do the same.

You will find this rather extremely useful during those cold days when your nose could be stuffy. You can also fill a large bowl with hot water then place your face close enough to where you can breathe in the hot air. Just don’t out your face too close to burn yourself.

  • Change sleeping position

There is some belief that sleeping on your back causes the tongue to move to the back of your throat partly blocking the air causing a vibration.

This can be improved by sleeping on your side which allows the air to flow easily.

Make sleeping in the lateral position a habit and if it proves difficult, use a body pillow to help support your body and help you maintain that position as you sleep.

  • Hydrate

When you’re dehydrated, your body may form some mucus and this could cause you to snore. For this reason, you need to drink the daily recommended amount of water.

This will help flush out the mucus and toxins from your body improving your overall health as well.

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