Karen Nyamu has vowed to quit alcohol in 2023.

"Mniombee...hii mapenzi kama itakuwa inafanya nifanye drama kila saa nikae kama mimi ndio chizi...2023 sitaki drama. Nimeacha pombe.

"Don't worry...niko na kila kitu. Kitu sinanga ni haya. No alcohol for me in 2023. Pombe haijui lane. Simwachi. Lazima tulee watoto. I don't fight. I am a coward. Nilikosea nani kwenda kwa stage? I was having fun," she said.

Bernice Saroni, a promoter who hosted Samidoh during his US tour, was quick to offer Edday support asking her to remain calm despite the challenges their marriage is facing.

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She also took a dig at Nyamu, asking her to know her place and stick to her lane.

"Edday you are in my prayers...sorry hun my flight got in interrupted in Switzerland but hold your husband tight. Remember when things are too good that's when the devil comes for you.

"Stay calm this shall pass too. Always remember you have the crown... fix it nicely...better days are ahead of you my sister. Samidoh Leo umecheza kama wewe.... thank you so much. The security was on point...sidechic always remember your position wacha kusumbua watu aah nkt," she wrote.

 Karen Nyamu and Samidoh.

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