Shakilla has accused Eric Omondi of using her.

Eric however denied the claims, explaining that he sent her Sh18,000 as payment and was not biased.

"For Shakilla I paid her Sh18,000 cash and it wasn't just her, there was Cartoon comedian, DK Kwenye beat. Shakilla was very ill-mannered in the show. You can ask the other girls in the house...if you give special treatment to any of them you will spoil the whole show. I can vow I paid her," said Eric.

Shakilla went on to say she chose to be dramatic in the show to build her brand online and remain relevant.

"This is it...Eric never gave anyone money on Wife Material. It was you to work on your brand by yourself. That's why you were seeing I was coming up with all these dramas because I knew if I'm not getting any monetary value from this, at least let me get social media presence out of it [sic]."

Eric Omondi Shakilla