The other day, I accompanied a friend to one of the best furnished gyms in the city centre and I liked what I saw. Not the state-of-art gadgets and machines. Not bumping into colleagues from the work place or college. Not the photos of models hanging on the walls.

What caught my eye immediately was the number of women training, some with a trainer and others on their own. One woman, who looked 35, was in perfect shape and tremendously sexy. She was running on the treadmill before she did a couple of squat ups and sit-ups with erotic precision. There was something awe-inspiring in her determination. A total turn on.

While I’m old enough to be past the age of adolescent voyeurism, I was hooked. The women went about their exercise in different body positions oblivious of my prying eyes. I felt challenged. It has been two years since I last did any sensible exercise. Stuck in 9-5 desk work and eating fast and processed food, my belly is bulging at an inexorably rapid rate, I’m sufficiently alarmed. While I’m notably agile, the ease with which the women went about their regime got me thinking about my health but more importantly the capabilities of those women in other areas, not limited to the bedroom.

See, it has always been my wish to date a woman who is sporty. Beautiful athletic women are rare to come by, save for the female National Volleyball team. But I’m duly aware that dating a sporty woman is a life time examination in endurance and tolerance for many men. The many hours and the discipline can be a tough match if you are a bit of a slob like me. And hard-working women are never patient with men who cannot match their abilities and skills.

I sat there admiring the older woman who was in perfect shape. She seemed a gym freak to me. I mean for the 15 minutes I was there, she went about her regime in maniacal fashion and was sweating like a pig (do pigs sweat by the way)? Or more aptly, sweated like a quarry worker and stopped briefly for a few seconds to wipe the sweat off her pate before resuming. Whatever her motive was, I don’t know. Could it be some new year resolution that she had postponed and realised that time is up? Could it be she wanted to up her game in bed? Is she basically keeping fit for the heck of it (I doubted it)? But intrigued me she did.

I figured that the woman is probably in the category of women in their 30s and 40s who are so well kept, they give younger careless women a run for their younger men. They sacrifice so much for that perfect poster-perfect body shape. More at home with their natural hair as opposed to weaves. They long noticed that they need not break their backs, so they know how to look sexy without the horrific torture of high-heels. They are not into cakes of make-up. Equally, they have succeeded in avoiding junk food and are the fastest adopters of any trendy food in town that guarantees not to distort their body shape be it quail eggs or rabbit meat.

And such kinds of women are every man’s dream. Every man wants a woman who is conscious her body and does something about it. Gladly, many women are taking this body business seriously. And we wish both men and women kept fit. It helps in many quarters of life. If men had a guarantee that at 45, their women will look like Toni Braxton, maybe we will be less promiscuous. I know, we too need to style up, it works both ways.

If you are a lady and reading this, kindly take up exercising seriously and encourage your man as well.